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Advancing timber for Australia’s future built environment

Advancing timber for Australia’s future built environment

About the Research Hub

The ARC Research Hub to Advance Timber for Australia’s Future Built Environment (ARC Advance Timber Hub) is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Industrial Transformation Research Hub.

The ARC Advance Timber Hub aims to develop the resources, enablers, and drivers to advance sustainable timber, as a natural resource, to be the material of choice, leading towards a net zero future for Australia’s built environment.  It intends to support the transformation of Australia’s timber and construction sectors by:

  1. stimulating growth in innovation,
  2. increasing the uptake of sustainable timber products used in buildings, and
  3. establishing a roadmap for change.

The expected outcomes will kickstart the change process, supported by growth in advanced manufacturing across the value chain.  This should provide significant benefits in stimulating an opportunity for regional development and resource diversification whilst helping Australia’s timber and construction sectors transition to a circular and net-zero economy.

University of QueenslandThe ARC Advance Timber Hub is administered by The University of Queensland’s School of Civil Engineering and is funded by our partners with major funding support from the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council.

Please view the ARC Advance Timber Hub – Capability Statement.

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The ARC Advance Timber Hub’s research will be focused on three over-arching themes of Innovative Solutions, Transformative Benefits and Planning Change, undertaken through eight inter-related Research Nodes and their projects.


    Research Icon TRANSFORMATIVE BENEFITS of a large-scale shift to the use of innovative timber solutions in the built environment. The potential for this to deliver economic, social, and environmental benefits will be demonstrated, for the timber and construction sectors, and for Australia’s regions and economy as a whole.

    Research Icon INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS for timber products to decrease cost and increase the value of mid-rise buildings. Their potential to support major growth of new advanced manufacturing opportunities will be demonstrated, providing existing businesses and new investors with greater knowledge on combinations of products, manufacturing processes and value-chain configurations that will best serve the needs of building sector clients.

    Research Icon PLANNING CHANGE in the timber and construction sectors and their surrounding policy environment. Engagement with the broad spectrum of industry and policy stakeholders will go well beyond conventional research outreach. Instead, the engagement will be integral to designing and delivering research over the Hub lifespan, co- producing a roadmap to change through the stakeholder partnership.

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