Australian Government signs up to increase the use of timber in buildings by 2030

The Forest and Climate Leaders Partnership Coalition on Greening Construction with Sustainable Wood announced today that at COP28, in Dubai, the Australian Government, with 16 other countries committed to increase the use of timber in the built environment by 2030.

Natasa Sikman, Acting CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), announced in AFPA’s Media Release that, “AFPA congratulates the Australian Government for signing up to this Coalition and its commitment today. Wood from sustainably managed forests provides climate solutions within the construction sector.

“This is an important step in the right direction by the Australian Government to build confidence in the timber construction market. We look forward to continuing our work with the Government on developing enabling policies which will turbo charge a greater use of wood in the built environment.”

The 17 member Coalition, of which Australia is a member, today committed to advance policies and approaches that increase the use of wood in the built environment by 2030. The Coalition recognises that such policies and approaches will result in reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions and an increase in stored carbon.

“Ministers from Kenya and Costa Rica announced the need to increase the use of wood in the built environment in the race to net zero,” Natasa Sikman said.

“Speakers made clear that the products from sustainably managed forests have multiple benefits for the building sector, replacing plastics, and delivering positive outcomes for local communities. Sustainably managed forests also help protect nature and biodiversity from deforestation and the threats from climate change.”

Today’s announcement builds on the recognition in the latest report from the Federal Government’s own Climate Change Authority (CCA) which cited the ‘carbon stored in trees’ as well as ‘harvested wood products’ helped reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions in the year to June 2023. This at a time when total national emissions increased to 467 million tonnes, an increase of 4 million on the previous year. It is timely the Government has announced a commitment to ramp up the use of timber in the built environment.

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Professor Keith Crews, Director of the ARC Research Hub to Advance Timber for Australia’s Future Built Environment (ARC Advance Timber Hub), said that “This is an important strategic direction for the ARC Advance Timber Hub. The Hub is committed to the future development of sustainable timber buildings and the emerging opportunities and innovations that are needed in manufacture, supply, design and construction. The Hub’s large research team from 11 Australian Universities and 5 International Universities / Research Institutes, in collaboration with our 28 industry partners, can provide expert assistance in making an increase use of sustainable timber in the built environment a reality.”

COP28, Dubai – Forest and Climate Leaders Partnership announcement on the Coalition on greening construction with sustainable wood.





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