Cristyn Meath

  • Theme Leader - Planning Change; Node Leader - Socio-Economic Opportunity & Interventions for Change
  • The University of Queensland

Current positions held

Senior Research Fellow – Australian Institute for Business and Economics – Faculty of Business, Economics and Law – The University of Queensland
Hub Director –  Sustainable Infrastructure Research Hub – The University of Queensland
Senior Lecturer – Business School – The University of Queensland
Research Lead (Sustainable Infrastructure) – Australian Institute for Business and Economics – The University of Queensland


Dr Cristyn Meath is Node Leader on designing change processes for industry leveraging interventions to stimulate change. She will lead the process of deep stakeholder engagement, following approaches refined through research on business decision making, and leadership of the award-winning Infrastructure Co-Lab partnering UQ with government and industry organisation stakeholders. She will also support Hub Director, Professor Crews, in the process of enabling exemplar buildings.

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