Dikai Liu

Current positions held

Distinguished Professor –  Robotics Institute –  University of Technology, Sydney


Professor Liu is a distinguished professor in robotics at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).  His research primarily revolves around two areas: field robotics and human-robot collaboration (HRC).

In field robotics, Professor Liu aims to address two fundamental questions: (1) what are the appropriate ways in which a robot moves and supports itself in complex structures such as steel bridges and truss structures? (2) How can the robot operate autonomously in such structural environments?

Professor Liu’s research on human-robot collaboration (HRC) centers around a central inquiry: How can robots actively engage in physical collaboration with humans? To tackle this question, his research emphasizes the development of robot-interpretable human models and control mechanisms that enable safe and intuitive human-robot collaboration

Besides conducting fundamental robotics research, Professor Liu also leads the development of autonomous and assistive robots that can be deployed in real applications. Examples include autonomous robots designed for construction automation, intelligent robots specialized in steel bridge maintenance, bio-inspired climbing robots for inspecting confined spaces, and intelligent robotic co-workers capable of collaborating with humans.

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