Frank Lam

Current positions held

Senior Chair Professor – Wood Building Design and Construction – Department of Wood Science –  Faculty of Forestry – The University of British Columbia


Dr. Frank Lam holds the position of senior Chair Professor of Wood Building Design and Construction in the Department of Wood Science at the University of British Columbia.   Under the Chair of Wood Building Design and Construction, Dr. Lam leads a multi-disciplinary team of professors within the UBC Faculties of Forestry (Wood Science) and Applied Science (Architecture and Civil Engineering) to develop holistic solutions for the use of timber as a renewable environmentally friendly structural material in construction.  He also heads the Timber Engineering and Applied Mechanics Laboratory at UBC with a team of engineers and graduate students and state of the art testing equipment to address issues related to the structural performance of wood products and systems. .  His current research focuses on seismic resistance of engineered wood systems; development of advanced grading system; modeling the influence of processing variables on the physical and mechanical properties of structural composite lumber, and code and standards related activities.

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