Georgia Lindsay

Current positions held

Senior Lecturer – School of Architecture & Design – University of Tasmania


Georgia Lindsay is a Senior Lecturer in Architecture and Design at the University of Tasmania, who earned her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Her research focuses on the human experience of architecture, with a special interest in cultural buildings like museums and libraries. She has extensive experience working with community and industry partners to understand how architecture can support institutional missions.

She is author of The User Perspective on Twenty-First-Century Art Museums (Routledge 2016), editor of Contemporary Museum Architecture and Design: Theory and Practice of Place (Routledge 2020) and co-editor with Lusi Morhayim of Revisiting “Social Factors:” Advancing Research into People and Place (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015).

Her current work focuses on architecture as a medium of communication, looking both at architecture in the online media and at how buildings can communicate values of sustainability. She has published multiple papers about green museums and how architecture can be used, especially in an online media era, to highlight sustainable values and what innovative strategies help interpret and explain green building strategies and technologies.

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