Harri Onikki

Current positions held

Technical Sales Manager – Peikko Australia


It is my goal to guide you toward a faster, safer, and more sustainable way to design and build.
My experience as a Technical Sales Manager in the construction and engineering industry has given me the skills and knowledge I need to connect my clients with the solutions they need to improve their projects.

Having worked as an engineering professional for over a decade, my expertise lies in both structural engineering and composite structures, with a particular focus on Slim Floor Structures and DELTABEAM®.

I provide my clients with advice and product recommendations to solve their construction issues. This includes:

  • Solutions for architecturally demanding structures;
  • Reduction of initial project costs, as well as continuous running expenses;
  • Increasing sustainability and overall energy efficiency of the building;
  • Reduction of construction time to get ahead of schedule; and
  • Timber compatible solutions.

Over the years working with Peikko Group, I have built strong and lasting relationships with our clients. I have conducted numerous seminars, webinars and ‘Lunch and Learns’ to inform our industry’s professionals of the solutions offered by Peikko and to personally answer your questions about our products.

Peikko has a clear focus on regularly introducing new, tested innovative solutions and services. Our aim is to serve you locally with leading solutions in terms of quality, safety, and innovation to ultimately improve your construction projects.

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