Joe Gattas

  • Theme Leader - Innovative Solutions; Node Leader - Manufacturing Innovation & Value-Chain Innovation
  • The University of Queensland

Current positions held

Associate Professor – School of Civil Engineering – The University of Queensland


Dr Joe Gattas is as an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland’s School of Civil Engineering, with research expertise in computational building design, advanced manufacturing, lightweight and modular structures, and timber engineering. From 2016 to 2021, Joe led the Manufacture and Digital Design project stream within the ARC Future Timber Hub. This initiative aimed to support the development of tall timber buildings in the Pacific region. Upon its successful completion, timber industry partners backed the establishment of a new ARC Advance Timber Hub (2022-), designed to accelerate innovation and the adoption of timber in Australian buildings.

Joe currently serves as Co-Lead for two research nodes within the new Hub: 1) Manufacturing Innovation, which encompasses projects focusing on the digital design and fabrication of innovative structures and systems; and 2) Value Chain Innovation, which covers projects dedicated to enhancing resource utilization throughout the forest-to-building timber value chain.

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