Joerg Baumeister

Current positions held

Professor – EBE – Griffith University


Prof Joerg Baumeister is an internationally awarded architect with a doctorate in engineering and a researcher, consultant, inventor, practitioner, and educator for more than 25 years throughout Europe, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, China, and Australia.

He is the Founder and Director of the SeaCities StudioLab at Griffith’s Cities Research Institute which develops and implements water-adapted urban solutions and floating structures for climate change.

Apart from educating “his” students, Joerg Baumeister’s passion is the development and execution of large consultancy, research, and construction projects like “Housing +” about affordable, flexible housing in modular CLT technology for the WA government.

Reference partners of previous projects include the United Nations / UNHCR, World Bank, African Union, European Union, NGOs and GOs like the GIZ, the Australian Research Council, various Ministries for Research, Housing, Tourism and several city councils.

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