Mahmud Ashraf

Current positions held

Professor of Structural Engineering & Associate Head of School (Research) – School of Engineering – Deakin University, Australia


Professor Mahmud Ashraf is an internationally recognised for his contributions on fundamental and applied research in structural engineering and construction materials. One of the major focuses of Mahmud’s current research is to promote use of bio-composite materials in structural applications through innovation in product development as well as in design techniques. In recent times, he has contributed heavily to the fields of engineered timber and bamboo products such as cross laminated timber, glued laminated bamboo, bamboo scrimber and laminated veneer lumber. Prior to joining Deakin University in 2017, he devised novel structural design principles for nonlinear metallic alloys including high strength steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. In addition to conventional metals, he is also known for his work on lightweight 3D printed metallic microlattice materials. He utilised advanced numerical modelling skills to develop complex FE models to investigate the structural performance of 3D printed microlattice materials. Mahmud is a strong advocate of hybrid structural systems to make most use of the potential of different materials for achieving sustainable built environment for the future.

During his academic career, Mahmud worked closely with material scientists, mechanical engineers, and architects. His multidisciplinary research approach allowed him to be recognised by many high impact journals (membership of the editorial board) as well as by various international standards committee (Eurocode, ISO and Standards Australia). He received many recognitions for his research excellence including William Mong Research Fellowship (University of Hong Kong), Confucius Research Fellowship (Tianjin University, China), Commonwealth scholarship (Imperial College London, UK). He is a current member of the Australian Steel Institute (ASI), Engineers Australia and a member of the construction task force of International Bamboo and Rattan Organization (INBAR). Mahmud held many leadership roles in various capacities such as ongoing research leadership as the Associate Head of School; academic research leadership and mentorship at the national level as the co-chair of the Australian Timber Construction and Education Network; leadership in ISO standards committee for developing product specification for glued laminated bamboo.

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