Maryam Shirmohammadi

Current positions held

Principal Research Scientist – Salisbury Research Facility – Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Adjunct Industry Fellow – Queensland University of Technology


Dr Shirmohammadi is a principal research scientist at the department of agriculture and fisheries, Queensland government. Her research focuses on timber durability and service life prediction. Her recent work has focused on moisture movement in timber boards and mass timber panels and moisture monitoring of mass timber buildings. Her previous involvement is Future timber hub was through the “Moisture Monitoring Campaign of Maryborough Fire Station” and “Effects of CLT Assembly Design on Performance and Service Life of Mass Timber”. Her work in the advance timber hub will involve the development of moisture monitoring, assessment, and management systems for the Australian mass timber construction industry. Her other research interests include modelling timber products’ service life, non-destructive assessment of timber decay, effects of building microclimates on moisture variation in timber elements, effects of timber chemistry on its processability and modelling moisture movement in timber products.

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