Neil Logan

Current positions held

co-CEO & Principal of BVN


As co-CEO of BVN, Neil shares the responsibility of strengthening our studio purpose: collective creativity to design a better future.

Through Neil’s contribution to the collective leadership, BVN is purposefully strengthening its ability to address the profound changes that are transforming architecture and construction. Neil’s expertise in design, research and business strategy ensures BVN continues to create projects with great foresight for our clients and design outcomes that support humanistic environments and social cohesion.

Neil is unwavering in his commitment to turn sustainable practice into second nature, he leads BVN’s Regenerative Practice group, enabling the team to deliver smart, creative design that’s better for the planet. He is passionate about innovation in the design process, working collaboratively to tease out unique solutions to age-old challenges. A process that is informed through knowledge and research, such as BVN’s commitment to the Timber Hub, as well as the learnings gained through the delivery of significant projects across a broad range of architectural typologies. This includes radical approaches to adaptive re-use and the potential this offers for shaping more sustainable cities.

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