Patrick Thornton

Current positions held

Owner / CEO – Loggo Pty Ltd and Loggo IP Pty Ltd


Patrick Thornton has been a registered pharmacist for 56 years and is the inventor of the Loggo building system and the sole owner of Loggo IP Pty Ltd and Loggo Pty Ltd.

In 2011 Prof. Keith Crews of UTS strength tested some Loggo laminated beams made from small diameter true round logs embedded with internal rebar. The results were so inspiring that Loggo has spent the last 12 years testing, developing and strategically patenting our three engineered wood products.

In 2017/18 The University of Queensland tested a whole Loggo floor section as well as our three EWPs, for strength and longevity, and once again with great success; that being their suitability for house framing through to multi-residential apartment buildings. But this time, Loggo’s EWPs were made from re-purposed Peeler Cores; a very low value, problematic and redundant ply industry by-product.

When the opportunity to participate in the present ARC Advance Timber Hub arose Loggo jumped at it. The Loggo business plan, on its path to commercialisation has the exact same requirements that the Hub embraces: innovation, collaboration, circular economies, advancing and elucidation of the timber standards and industry partnering.

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