Simón Santamaria

Current positions held

Technical Development Manager – Hydrock Consultants


Dr Simón Santamaria has a background in fire science research and fire safety engineering. Throughout his career, he has worked on pressing matters in the field, including the fire risks associated to timber construction, wildfires and external fire spread in the built environment. As a fire safety engineer, he has worked in and supervised the delivery of, projects in a variety of sectors, including commercial, residential, healthcare and custodial. He has supported the implementation of performance-based solutions to design challenges in a variety of scenarios.

His research includes experimental work in collaboration with Prof. Luke Bisby and Prof. Jose Torero, which served as the technical foundation to the conclusions derived by the Public Inquiry into the Grenfell Tower Fire with regard to the driving mechanisms behind external fire spread. Additionally, he has experience with medium and large-scale research projects which investigated self-extinction of timber as a function of compartment dynamics and the driving mechanisms behind wildfires at the Wildland to Urban Interface (WUI).

In his present role, Simón oversees a technical development program with the objective of enhancing Hydrock’s internal competency and technical expertise. His responsibilities encompass designing training courses, both online and in-person, reviewing fire safety strategies, creating internal guidance, and supervising the fire division’s research efforts. Additionally, he was recently appointed as a Visiting Lecturer to Birmingham City University’s programme in Fire Safety Engineering.

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