Stacey Parker

Current positions held

Associate Professor –  School of Psychology – The University of Queensland


Associate Professor Stacey Parker is an Organisational Psychologist and Academic at UQ’s School of Psychology. Her research aims to help organisations and their employees devise new strategies to work healthier while still being productive. More specifically, she studies how employees manage their energy during the workday, how employees recover from work stress in off-the-job time, and how jobs and careers can be designed to maximise well-being, motivation, and performance. She has examined these phenomena in a range of high-performance settings (e.g., small business owners, professional musicians, elite athletes, and safety critical work in healthcare and transport industries). She serves on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and the European Journal of Work and Organisational Psychology. She contributes her expertise in the areas of employee health, well-being, and performance to the ARC Advance Timber Hub.

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