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Sustainable Timber Construction Seminar – 6 Feb 2024 – Presentation Videos

On the 6 February 2024 at The University of Queensland (UQ) an in-person seminar was hosted by ASCE Australia Section and UQ School of Civil Engineering.

This in-person event brought together experts in the field to discuss the latest advancements and techniques in sustainable timber construction.

Please see below for agenda and presentation recordings:


  • Welcome – Professor Rebecca Gravina- UQ Civil Engineering:

  • Welcome – Lucie Missen – ACSE President & WGA:

  • The ARC Advance Timber Hub: research and legacy opportunities for Australia –
    Professor Keith Crews – ARC Advance Timber Hub & UQ Civil Engineering:

  • Manufacturing Innovation & Value-Chain Innovation Research Background – Associate Professor Joe Gattas – ARC Advance Timber Hub & UQ Civil Engineering:

  • Delivering Engineer’s Australia’s Project of the Year – Boola Katitjin – Ralph Belperio – Major Projects Director – Aurecon:

  • Queensland and Mass Engineered Timber Buildings – Callum Lillywhite – Associate, Buildings Structural – Aurecon:

  • Timber- a sustainable solution to a decarbonised build environment and Melbourne case study – John Bahoric – Technical & Project Director -WGA:

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