Adaptive building forms for inventory-constrained utilisation of low value fibre

Project Under Development

This project aims to develop new tools in digital parametric modelling, inventory constrained design and digital fabrication tailored to low value fibre resource, in particular small diameter logs. The intended application for the tools will be the design of new building forms utilising structures that are suited to, and take advantage of the specific characteristics of low value
fibre resources, including:

Small diameter hardwood and softwood round timber, from:

  • Forestry thinnings
  • Small diameter Logs
  • Re-use of veneer peeler cores

The research will investigate applications for the building forms at small and large scales, and
will include typologies from small locally manufactured buildings to large spanning rooves and

Please see Project Video for further information:

Node Introduction Video:


  • The outcome of the research will be demonstrations of the application of the tools through both digital visualisation of design proposals, and prototyping of key structural systems. A key objective will be the public showcasing of these designs and prototypes.

Project Leader/s

Kim Baber

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

The University of Queensland

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Project Investigators

Joe Gattas

Theme Leader - Innovative Solutions; Node Leader - Manufacturing Innovation & Value-Chain Innovation

The University of Queensland

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