Adaptive product design, fabrication, and optimisation from variable fibre feedstocks

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  • Review and identify sources of fibre (timber waste/byproducts, recycled timber, under-utilised timber resources).
  • Design and development of flexible and adaptive robotic manufacturing processes from variable timber fibre feedstocks (automated or human-in-the-loop).
  • Vision based defect detection and automatic processing with live fibre feedstocks, allowing realtime material processing that reduce storage and handling.
  • Adaptive product design that utilize variable processed feedstock.
  • Evaluation of recovery material value and sustainability metrics for possible applications, stakeholder communication.

Project Leader/s

Dan Luo

Node Leader - Value-Chain Innovation; Project Leader

The University of Queensland

Project Staff

HDR Candidate

Higher Degrees by Research Scholarship Opportunity

Project Investigators

Tim Schork

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

Queensland University of Technology

Kim Baber

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

The University of Queensland

Lead Project Partner Organisation

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