Advanced technologies for adaptive assembly of smart timber products and systems

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  • Design and development of flexible and adaptive robotic assembly processes for advanced timber products (e.g. mass-customised, non-standardised, augmented 'smart' products, etc).
  • Development of novel assembly methods for human-in-the-loop on-site and off-site comanufacturing.
  • Deliver meaningful information for builders and building inspectors to make sure constructions are being built as per design and specifications.
  • Applications for QC inspectors and traders to inspect the materials and construction quality onsite.

Project Leader/s

Tim Schork

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

Queensland University of Technology

Project Staff

HDR Candidate

Higher Degrees by Research Scholarship Opportunity

Project Investigators

Dan Luo

Node Leader - Value-Chain Innovation; Project Leader

The University of Queensland

Lead Project Partner Organisation

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