An open-data framework for forest-to-building value chain mapping

Project Under Development

This project will develop a novel framework for collation, integration, and visualisation of material flow and resource utilisation data in the timber construction value chain.

Expected outcomes include an enhanced capacity to identify and communicate:

  1. current resource consumption rates and projected supply shortfalls;
  2. opportunities for improved fibre recovery and reduced stem consumption rate (stems per m2 construction);
  3. construction supply impacts from changes in development mix, manufacturing & construction practice, and resource/product availability/unavailability.

Please see Project Video for further information:

Node Introduction Video:


  • Construct interactive value chain mapping tool with forecast resource availability (forest), production (manufacture), and demand (building) data.
  • Use as-built manufacturing data to establish detailed understanding of timber consumption by building type.
  • Establish potential improvement in fibre recovery from miller-to-fabricator data share and coordination.
  • Establish project-specific timber utilisation measures to support resource-efficient specification, material providence measurement and certification.
  • Investigate novel methods for automated identification and verification of timber building completions.

Project Leader/s

Joe Gattas

Theme Leader - Innovative Solutions; Node Leader - Manufacturing Innovation & Value-Chain Innovation

The University of Queensland

Project Staff

Research Assistant

Research Assistant Opportunity

Project Investigators

Dan Luo

Node Leader - Value-Chain Innovation; Project Leader

The University of Queensland

Kim Baber

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

The University of Queensland

Benoit Gilbert

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

Griffith University / Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Lead Project Partner Organisation

Project Partners