Autonomous screw-fixing robots for CLT panel building assembly

Project Under Development

Based on the research and prototype robot developed in collaboration with Aurecon and Murdoch University in 2022, this project will further develop this robot for installing screw fixings to secure CLT panels and timber frames in unstructured environments on timber building construction sites. Improved algorithms for:

  1. robot perception of a construction environment,
  2. localization of screw locations,
  3. motion control, and
  4. robot collaboration with human workers will be developed.

Extensive testing will be conducted on the test rig at UTS to assess the robot’s performance and suitability for practical applications, in partnership with Aurecon and other industry partners. The outcomes will provide a solution to improving human safety and productivity in timber building construction

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  • Improved algorithms for robot perception of a construction environment, localization of screw locations, and control;
  • An improved prototype robot for installing screw fixings;
  • An evaluation report on robot's performance and suitability for practical applications;

Project Leader/s

Dikai Liu

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

University of Technology, Sydney

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