Economic modelling of timber industry and synergy and interaction with systems dynamic model


This project has a service component and a research component. The service component is to assist members of the hub in the comprehensive economic analysis of their research aims. This would include industry analysis scenario modeling and impact analysis. The research component centre around expanding the output range of the modelling to include ecological and resource utilization modelling and to link this with the systems dynamic approach currently being undertaken in research node – Interventions for Change. The overall output from these two functions is to set out the current industrial structure of the timber industry at a national, state and regional basis and be able to test scenarios concerning future use of wood in areas such as construction; to evaluate their resource feasibility and benefit cost ratio (BCR).

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  • A detailed audit of the industrial structure of the industry including identification of supply chains and market penetration as well as providing the means of testing the economic and resource feasibility of extended use of wood in the economy , including the introduction of new products.

Project Leader/s

Cristyn Meath

Theme Leader - Planning Change; Node Leader - Socio-Economic Opportunity & Interventions for Change

The University of Queensland

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Opportunity

Research Assistant

Research Assistant Opportunity

Project Investigators

John Mangan

Node Leader - Socio-Economic Opportunity; Project Leader

The University of Queensland

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