Professor Keith Crews: My Gottstein Fellowship Story

WoodCentral has published an article highlighting the importance of the Gottstein Trust in their focus on Professor Keith Crews, ARC Advance Timber Hub Director, who was awarded a Gottstein Trust Fellowship 30 years ago.

The Gottstein Trust is a national educational trust of Australia’s ultimate renewable industry – wood products grown in forests and plantations.  Through its annual granting of Scholarships, Fellowship and Skills Development grants, the Trust provides financial assistance for individuals right across the breadth of the forest products industry. This is specifically for the purpose of supporting them to gain knowledge and build their skills and networks in ways that also advance the industry.

WoodCentral – Professor Keith Crews: My Gotttstein Fellowship Story

Exclusive: Since 1971, the Gottstein Trust have awarded 160 fellowships. All have stories to tell, and all have made contributions.
Tue 14 May 24

Professor Keith Crews was a 34-year old civil engineer studying a Masters by research in 1990. Now he is director of Australia’s ARC Advance Timber Hub and organiser of the 2025 World Timber Engineering Conference. (Photo Credit: Professor Keith Crews)



Podcast – Timber Efficiency Research with Associate Professor Joe Gattas

ARC Advance Timber Hub Theme & Node Leader, Associate Professor Joe Gattas, at The University of Queensland’s School of Civil Engineering, was part of a recent episode of Pryda Pod.  Joe was interviewed about his research regarding improving timber production efficiencies by just 5% could unlock supply for an extra 8,000 homes to be built in Australia each year.