Connection Systems for Extended Building Life

This project aims to create a clear and common understanding in the engineering community around connection design. This project expects to generate new knowledge in the area of:

  • mass timber joints
  • framing to mass timber joints
  • hybrid (steel / concrete) to mass timber joints

Using interdisciplinary approaches new knowledge will be generated on structural ULS performance of common timber joints to extend building service life. Furthermore, long-term performance, creep performance and SLS performance (stiffness, vibrations, acoustics) will be considered. Expected outcomes of this project include refined methods and improved techniques for structural design of common timber joints which will be disseminated in a technical document (e.g. Wood Solutions design guide) with worked examples. This is expected to provide significant benefits for designers and structural engineers, increase certainty, and reduce cost.

Suggested preliminary work includes an industry survey to determine the variance of understanding in industry and mapping of what resources are available in Australia and internationally – state of the art report.


  • Standard connection detail library
  • Technical doc with worked examples
  • API / Integration of findings as software solution
  • Dissemination through: Technical design guide, Webinars on findings, WCTE 2025
  • Aspiration: input into AS1720.1 revision

Project Leader/s

Lisa Ottenhaus

Node Leader - Design for Extended Building Life; Project Leader

The University of Queensland

Project Staff

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Opportunity

HDR Candidate

Higher Degrees by Research Scholarship Opportunity

Project Investigators

Joe Gattas

Theme Leader - Innovative Solutions; Node Leader - Manufacturing Innovation & Value-Chain Innovation

The University of Queensland

Lead Project Partner Organisation

Project Partners