Role of moisture in the long-term performance of mass timber building elements

Project Under Development

Moisture intrusion in mass timber buildings has important implications for both physical performance and risk of biological degradation. This project will build upon previous research to develop a better understanding of moisture ingress pathways, the implications of wetting on building elements and help identify methods for excluding moisture or removing moisture once it has entered a structure. The results will help architects and engineers identify effective strategies for moisture exclusion and guide erectors on best practices for moisture management. The results will provide direct benefit to the mass timber building community but will also be applicable to other timber structures.

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  • Assess effects of wetting regimes on moisture uptake and connector performance of mass timber elements;
  • Monitor moisture level in a mass timber building on the UniSC campus under sub-tropical conditions;
  • Combine these data with smaller-scale results to develop predictive models and supplemental moisture management recommendations.

Project Leader/s

Tripti Singh

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

University of the Sunshine Coast

Project Staff

HDR Candidate

Higher Degrees by Research Scholarship Opportunity

Project Investigators

Tripti Singh

Project Leader; Chief Investigator

University of the Sunshine Coast

Maryam Shirmohammadi

Project Leader; Partner Investigator

Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Lead Project Partner Organisation

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